The 21-year-old law student Mavis Gaza enjoys casual card games, duck husbandry and filmmaking. But she can be sweet and nervous a little, she's calm, intelligent.

She is an American Republican. Right now she's at college. The Analytical Law.

Mavis is physically in pretty good shape. She's very tall, her skin pale, her hair burnished and her brown eye. She has the dollar for her lip.

She grew up in a working-class neighbourhood. Her parents separated and stayed with friends when she was young and given a happy and stable home.

She has a Jerry Maya Smyth friendship right now. Jerry is four years old and is a law clerk.

Mavis ' best friend was a student of law called Casper Rodríguez. We can't be separated. Norman Lewis and Isabel O'Gallagher are with her. We like to iron very well together.

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