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Historically, real estate was a good way to build wealth, but the economy\'s downward trend has reduced home values. Prospective buyers have also found that lending firms are less likely to lend without downpayment of at least 20 percent. It makes it harder for the average buyer to buy property.

In the area where you purchase a rental property, crime can be a major factor. Demand details about crime incidents in your area from local police reports. Don\'t focus on what current property and location owners claim.

Think of buying a house that needs plenty of work if you want to save money. The poor condition of a location significantly reduces its value, so much so that you might pay for repairs yourself. And maybe you can even do your own part of the work.

Look up the neighborhood for sex offenders when you are looking to buy a home. The police are responsible for updating the list. However, you can find this information by your agent. Obviously, you don\'t want to switch to someone with a background involving kids when you have kids next door.

Don\'t get hidden charges caught off guard. Ask your Realtor for an estimate of the cost of closing. Articles such as salaries, lawyer\'s fees and community homeowner\'s fees should be reported in advance. Before you are ready to end, review the contract and all terms.

There are three key elements to get the most from purchasing property. Have a fixed mortgage, make sure your monthly payments are secure, and don\'t buy anything you\'re reluctant to own over the long term. It may not be a good investment if you are not prepared to hold an property for at least ten years.

You should be careful with respect to adjacent commercial or industrial properties when calculating the value of a residential property. Remember that while these properties may be inoffensive (or vacant) at the time of visiting a nearby house, there are no assurances for the future. You should consider the possibility of a subsequent move in to an unwanted, unpleasant, or even dangerous company.

Write the announcements. The classified ads of your local paper, not only the real estate column, are a good place to look for investment properties. You should also be aware of the legislative section and look for properties for a property to be liquidated. Sometimes, when a developer has to sell a property it offers excellent opportunities for investment below market prices.

Although the average prospective home buyer is now finding it more difficult to buy a residence, the existing market offers investment opportunities. If someone is able to purchase a home which has to undergo minor repairs and operate at a cheap price, it is likely, once the work has been done and the market has recovered, to resell it at a higher price.

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