How to Dominating Ultimate Team Early in Madden NFL 20

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Ultimate Team has been the most revered game mode in Madden since it was first implemented to the franchise in Madden 10. Now, ten years later, ultimate team has been widely expanded and become one of the most engaging modes of all sports simulation gaming.

The release of Madden 20 represents a fresh start for Ultimate Teamers. If you get right to business when the game is released, you will have a better chance of achieving a high leaderboard position or putting together a flabbergasting roster by the end of the NFL season. Here are eight pointers for dominating Ultimate Team early in the season for Madden 20.

Do The Right Challenges

Challenges can be very time consuming, and they grinding through them can be a waste if they bare minimal rewards. For instance, in Madden 19, the "team leader" challenges were very long and monotonous with little to look forward to for rewards.

The team leaders that could be earned had too low of ratings and the number of challenges that had to be completed to get actual quality team leaders was not worth the time. You would be much better off spending that time online because it would reap more rewards, increase your overall faster and make you a better player than the challenges would. Be wise not to enter a black hole of challenges that lead to minimal gain.

Don't Spend Large Amounts Of Coins On Player Cards

One issue that arrises early on in the Ultimate Team season is the initial price for cards. As the season goes on and the number of gamers and player cards increase, the price of players on the auction house fluctuate dramatically.

You should be weary of spending a large amount of coins on player cards posted early on in the season because their value can decrease quickly. Therefore, if you buy a player card too early you wouldn't be able to resell it for an equitable price, so you ultimately lose coins. In addition, your coins are going to be worth more later in the season.

Play Online A LOT

Playing online against other Ultimate Teamers is not only the best way to become better at the game, but the rewards gained are usually mouthwatering. If you start playing online early on, you will have a better chance of reaching the key milestones required to unlock some of the highest rated player cards in the game.

Not to mention, a great way to gain prestige on the leaderboards is by starting the season off aggressively while everyone's teams are still relatively even. Make sure you get a good head-start on your W/L column online.

Plan Ahead For Chemistries, Superstar Abilities And Player Archetypes

Madden 20 will be adding "player archetypes" and expanding player chemistries. Player archetype is used to classify players of positions that have multiple functions, such as the Tight End (blocking or receiving). You may want reserves with different archetypes than your starters, in case of a challenge or situation where that type of player would be needed. They are also adding "superstar abilities" but it is unclear if players with the same superstar abilities will compliment each other or not.

A key aspect of succeeding in Ultimate Team in Madden 19 was by strategically structuring your roster around common chemistries. Players' overall ratings are boosted based on the number of other players on the team who share the same chemistries. Therefore, spending a great deal of coins on a player whose chemistry does not align with the rest of your team could be detrimental.

Find Friends To Play With

Not only is playing Ultimate Teams with your friends make the game funner, but it will also allow you to make progress in "Squads" mode. "Squads" in Ultimate Team is a game mode that puts you on a team with two other online players. One player will coach, the second uses the running back and the other takes QB responsibilities.

It is unclear whether Squads will return to Madden 20, but if it does, it would be beneficiary to get started on it early. In addition, many of the large milestones that could be achieved in Madden 19 required Squads gameplay, so it may be an important factor once again in Madden 20.

Log In Consistently

Ultimate Team rewards you for logging in on consecutive days and it is an easy way to help build your team. There are also a bevy of surprise challenges that will suddenly appear throughout the season, so consistently logging in will give you the best chance of nailing the most challenges.

Although this may come off as redundant, logging in consistently is the only way you will be able to gain an edge on the competition. There are a great deal of dedicated and competitive Ultimate Teamers out there, so in order to dominate you will have to make a considerable time commitment.

Get Comfortable Using Linebackers

Getting confident with user-controlling your linebackers on defense is an internal part of succeeding online. You will have so much more power over an opponent if you effectively protect against passing lanes, and attack the pocket when appropriate.

You have a better chance on man-to-man matchups between linebackers and inside receivers if you cover them manually. A CPU controlled player has a lesser chance of staying with their man or intercepting passes. However, you will have to get good at user-controlling the linebacker first, which can be done in training drills or solo challenges.

Overall Ratings Don't Mean Everything (Be Careful With Player Selection)

Be very careful with who you decide to buy from the auction house or select out of a set. In order to build the best Ultimate Team, you will have to read between the lines when it comes to analyzing a player card's value. The overall ratings of player cards can be skewed at times, and players of the same overall often perform at different levels.

Picking essential traits you would like to have from a player can help you analyze your options. It is important that the card you buy is well worth the money on the field. Make sure to look through a card's ratings before you buy it because coins are hard to make back.

Anyway, you can always find some way to grind Madden MUT Coins to play better, and the tricks are not all, more are still to learn. So far, these are Madden 20 Ultimate Team Strategy Guide . The Igvault website provides players with more game strategies or buy MUT Coins . For more information, please visit

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