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The wondrous comic Chris Farley was a motivational professional hero. The comics were very good.  Matt Foley was that guy and he was a mess.  His talk style was painful and destructive, and he stayed in a van down by the river (say it to me).  Okay, as funny as it was, professional speakers are of course described only for comedy purposes.  If you have been given the privilege of speaking to the public, there are every reason to believe that you can live very well.

One way to see your life as a public speaker is to see it as a variant of the traditional author\'s career.  If you think about that, a writer of insightful books takes an experience he has excelled in and uses his skills in writing to help people who need this information.  And it is a fair exchange when people buy that knowledge to pay for that valuable knowledge and to let it continue to write.

A competent public speaker can be likened to a noble teacher\'s appeal.  After all, a teacher is someone who speaks for his students every day.  And this public speech in our culture has a critical role to play.  Otherwise, the way our society works would not be educated and in serious danger.  There are also significant skilled public speakers.

The question is how to get your own job as a public professional.  You should talk publicly to help your work or to engage in a church or other group as part of your association.  It may not be a big step forward to think about taking the experience to the next level and finding ways to pay what you like to do and talk about your field of expertise with larger audiences.

How could it be if you take your area of expertise to know the most that your meal ticket focuses on being successful as a professional public speaker in a book form?  In order to roll the ball, the first step is to increase your professional notorship in your field.  The Web is a good place to start.  By creating a website where you can showcase your knowledge and use Internet marketers \' skills to reach the website, you can start building an audience for the area of your knowledge and keeping them informed of when and where you speak.

Once this website has been set up, it can provide the basis for your new career.  Following each talk you give, you can send people to it to learn more about how to use your talents for their function and the public.  But don\'t just rest on the web and expect the work to be done.  Most companies can speak for free (sometime just for lunch) or for a small fee.  But the value of such meetings as a speaker is not salary, their dynamism and certain buzz.

It\'s only a matter of networking from then on.   As those groups carry your business card, they refer you to and you will be presenting more and more \"gigs\" to larger groups.  The gratuities will become real pay before long.  And you\'ll never look back on your determination to become a professional public speaker if you\'re on your way and things start to click.

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