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Best Price Guarantee

Travelor Ltd. (the "Company") offers the lowest price available to it at the time of booking compared to competitors operating in the State of Israel that offer same hosting packages at the same dates. This referred to an online reservation, without calling the company’s offices.
If you find the same kind of offer on a different website and with a lower price (“alternative offer”), you may demand the company with the difference from the booking made by you to the alternative offer price. This only subject to the following cumulative conditions: 

  1. Contact the company via e-mail at, and this within 12 hours from the time of booking and prior to check-in at the hotel mentioned. Information sent should include order details, order reference number and details about the alternative offer including link and screenshot of all details necessary with the alternative offer.
  2. You will be entitled to receive the difference only for pre-paid reservations, and not for “pay on site” reservation.
  3. The alternative offer has to meet the following cumulative conditions:
    1. The alternative offer must be in effect when you send the inquiry to the company and can be booked online.
    2. Include the same details: arrival and departure dates, type of accommodation unit, place of hospitality, composition and number of guests, etc.
    3. Contain the same booking conditions, including cancellation and amendment conditions and other important reservation terms.
    4. The alternative offer has to be available for purchase for the general public.
    5. The alternative offer is not offered on the assumption individually and / or special discount for certain groups and / or a certain time and / or as part of Group sales, direct agreements with companies and organizations, offers of credit cards, employee benefits, coupons bonus, special offers, promotions, special programs , compensation, benefits, concentrated vacations,, hospitality operations. Booking reservation performed when not set a specific accommodation place after the booking has been made.
    6. Terms were not disclosed in the alternative order due to error and / or technical error and / or a clerical error.

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